Each year, more than 10 million individuals seek emergency care, citing chest pain as their concern. However, only one-fifth of these cases are attributed to heart attacks.

The current approach involves subjecting patients to a series of cardiac tests, leading to prolonged hospitalization for those with non-cardiac causes. Unfortunately, this process hinders care for those truly experiencing a heart attack.

Imagine if there was a technology capable of monitoring the heart’s underlying state in real-time.

Could such innovation significantly improve clinical workflows, enhance the patient experience, and, most crucially, positively impact patient outcomes?



Atandra Burman,
Founder & CEO

Jitto Titus, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer
Partho Sengupta, MD
Scientific Advisory Board
Gregg Stone, MD
Clinical Advisor
Allan S. Jaffe, MD
Scientific Advisory Board

Alan H. B. Wu, PhD
Scientific Advisory Board
Frank Peacock, MD
Scientific Advisory Board
Ronald P. Karlsberg, MD
Clinical Advisor