RCE secures its milestone patent

Feburary 22, 2022 | Carlsbad, CA

RCE, the AI med tech company developing point of care Troponin diagnostics, has announced the award of its first patent from the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent details an optical based technique for the transdermal measurement of cardiac biomarkers.

Diagnostic biomarkers are vital in determining whether a patient has a particular medical condition as well as finding an effective treatment. Therefore, exploring and developing new biomarkers is a prerequisite for impactful medical practice.

The awarding of this patent is a significant milestone that reflects the memorable journey for our inventors. Many hours of creative brainstorming, collaboration and persistence have resulted in receiving this patent.

The novel invention allows the company to develop technological solutions in the form of medical devices, and when coupled with artificial intelligence models integrates with cloud based EMR installations. The platform can generate relevant data points to enhance clinical decision support at point of care, monitor and foster new clinical applications for biomarkers, and facilitate adoption of continuous non-invasive biomarkers monitoring in chronic patient care management.

Eight patent applications have been submitted by RCE since launching the intellectual property program in October 2018. These novel efforts demonstrate the culture of innovation fostered in transforming ideas into practical designs.

About RCE

RCE Technolgies, Inc. is Carlsbad based medical technology company focused on improving clinical workflows for heart attack detection and monitoring. The company’s objective is to bring to market a non-invasive solution for the measurement of cardiac troponin – a cardiac injury biomarker, that can be applied as a rule-out device for myocardial infarctions (heart attacks) in busy emergency departments. The patented optical  technology coupled with deep learning techniques fosters various clinical applications that allow the timely assessment of biomarkers in accelerating patient care workflows while reducing the cost burden to the health system. Recognized in 2021 by Texas Medical Center’s innovation cohort (TMCx), and winners at the pitch rounds at GaBio Summit 2020 and SEMDA 2019.