European Heart Journal – Digital Health (Editorial Review)

Carlsbad, California (May 1, 2023) – RCE Technologies, Inc.

Esteemed editors at the European Heart Journal (EHJ) – Digital Health reviewed the recently published work ‘A novel breakthrough in wrist-worn transdermal troponin-I-sensor assessment for acute myocardial infarction’, by S. Sengupta et al.,

The editors provide a remarkable perspective on the insights derived from the multi-center study, and consider the underlying efforts as innovative and patient-friendly, tackling a highly relevant clinical problem associated with considerable suffering. The editors point towards avoiding blood sampling and the potential of a continuous non-invasive monitoring of molecular substances such as Hs-cTnI.

The editors conclude with a most humbling and splendid correlate with the convoluted theory of special relativity that has been seamlessly captured in the equation (m = E/c2).

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